Asami Tanaka

Shrine maiden and keeper of the Kuromizo Shrine


Asami is a dark-haired Japanese girl who wears the white and red robes of a traditional shrine maiden. She can be found sweeping the sidewalks and maintaining the grounds of the Kuromizu Shrine.


Asami Tanaka came to Malifaux looking for a purpose after the closure of her shrine by the Meiji government. She brought with her the burden of her family: a shrine box containing the remains of a terrible demon. She eventually found her way to a crumbling building in the Little Kingdom where she rebuilt the wards around the demon box and returned to her traditional duties. She fears that the grim atmosphere of Malifaux has made the demon more wakeful, and worries daily that it could draw some poor fool to release it upon an unsuspecting world. Asami doesn’t sleep much anymore.

Asami Tanaka

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