Colette DuBois

Headliner of the Star Theater, and the best showgirl in Malifaux


Colette DuBois is a beautiful woman in her early twenties. Her curly red hair and bright blue eyes set off her amazing personal charisma. Colette is typically seen in her stage outfit: a purple and red corset, flared skirts, scandalously visible garters, elbow-length gloves, knee-high boots, and a rakishly tilted half-top hat.


Colette DuBois came to Malifaux to make a name for herself as a performer. She’s a singer, a dancer, a comedienne, and an excellent actress, but she is by far most famous for her extravaganza magic shows. Colette is a stage magician of unsurpassed skill, able to use misdirection and trickery for the entertainment of the crowds who show up every night to see her perform at the majestic Star Theater. Colette changes up the big finishing act for her show every month or so, but there are enough nightly variations to make her performance worthwhile on a regular basis.

Dozens of men (and not a small number of women) have vied for Colette’s affections, and nary a month passes by without at least one offer of marriage. Colette has thus far refused all suitors in favor of a succession of temporary flings, and her love life is a popular topic in the gossip columns of the Malifaux Record.

Colette DuBois

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