Douglas McMourning

Malifaux City's resident absent-minded coroner


A tall, gaunt man with wild auburn hair, Douglas McMourning looks perpetually vaguely surprised or concerned. A half-smile often plays across his narrow features, even when elbow deep in viscera, and his general demeanor is both off-putting and harried.


Douglas McMourning is the doctor in charge of the Guild’s official mortuary and morgue. He acts as the city’s coroner, receiving corpses brought in by the Guild Guard and noting their cause of death for city records. McMourning is a modern scientist, a student of the art of “forensics,” but his employers have little use for his skills most of the time. The city simply produces too many corpses for the Guild to care overmuch how or why they died unless they turn out to be people of importance. The city morgue is full to bursting, packed with corpses that the Guild cannot dispose of without risking their use by Resurrectionists as raw materials. McMourning’s frustration over this state of affairs comes through in almost any meeting with outsiders.

Douglas McMourning

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