Fergal McNabb

Owner of a low class tavern


Fergal McNabb is a middle-aged man with a perpetual scruff of beard, a badly stained suit, and a battered half-top hat. He looks every inch the seedy businessman.


Fergal McNabb was born in England to a poor, unmarried Irish maidservant. He never knew his father and his early poverty pushed him into a life of juvenile crime. Though he was raised in England and affects English manners, his Irish last name haunted him there. In the end, he chose to book passage to America to look for a new life. It didn’t take him long to fall in with a criminal element there either, and a particularly nasty brush with the law saw Fergal transported to Malifaux as a convict laborer.

Fergal gambled his way out of his contract pretty quickly, then used his leftover funds to buy a partial stake in a failing tavern in one of the worst parts of town. After his partner’s tragic passing, Fergal renamed the tavern the Dry Cask Alehouse and rebranded it as a watering hole for pit fighters, out-of-work miners, and other lowlifes. Any rumors that Fergal is also a petty thief, fence for stolen goods, and purveyor of hired muscle are probably true.

Fergal McNabb

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