A yakuza death cult


A typical member of the Gokudo wears a sleeveless hooded robe, the better to show off their full sleeve tattoos, and a skull half-mask that covers their eyes and nose. Many carry throwing knives and most wear metal-plated gauntlets that act as both weapon and shield.


The Gokudo are a multi-ethnic criminal group working within both the Japanese Yakuza and the Chinese Triads. They share a common devotion to Yama, the King of Hell, and believe that murder is an act of devotion to their god. Even other criminals want as little to do with them as possible. Back on Earth, an oyabun who discovered that one of his men was a Gokudo would be likely to arrange for him to have a fatal accident—after all, a man cannot serve two masters.

In Malifaux, the Gokudo (or Lin Kuei as they are called in China), the Gokudo operate as a force of their own, acting more openly than they would dare on Earth. They are rumored to serve a powerful necromancer, Wei Lu, and have ties to the multi-national criminal syndicate called the Ten Thunders.


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