Jennifer Easton

A curator with a passion for higher education


Jennifer Easton is an attractive woman with strawberry blonde hair, full lips, and a figure that most women would kill for. She dresses in modest but modern fashion, with tasteful jewelry and accouterments.


Jennifer Easton’s husband is a shipping magnate from New Amsterdam who came to Malifaux to reorganize some of his business interests. Jennifer, formerly a socialite and patroness of several museums, found herself in a dismal, unpleasant city far from home with few friends and little to occupy her time. She began volunteering at the local Museum of Natural History as a curator and docent, finding in herself a real passion for organizing and creating exhibits.

Unfortunately, Jennifer’s enthusiasm far outstrips her actual knowledge. Many recent exhibits have been almost laughably wrong, and the only reason she hasn’t been summarily fired already is that Marcel Alting has been covering up for her. She and Professor Alting have been having a torrid affair for several months now; she’s attracted to his intelligence and education, but has no intention of leaving her husband for an impoverished museum director.

Jennifer Easton

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