Lucius Matheson

The governor-general's personal secretary


Lucius Matheson is a tall, slender man who is never seen in public without his Guild-fashioned mask of authority. He dresses neatly and well, but not with any particularly rigorous eye toward fashion. His powdered wig and frock coat are always immaculate, and he walks with sinuous, casual grace.


Educated in Geneva and Salzburg, honored for services to the realm, and noted as an excellent fencer, polo player, and violinist, Lucius Matheson would be better suited in the halls of Parliament back on Earth rather than serving as a secretary to a provincial governor in Malifaux. And yet, here he is.

Lucius Matheson is the highest-ranking Guild official that most folk of Malifaux will ever see in public. The Governor-General prefers to keep his appearances quiet and intimate, so Lucius often acts as his surrogate in important dealings. He is said to be a man singularly devoted to his work—no friends, no lovers, no confidants—and as precise and efficient as a scalpel. Few people love Matheson, but a great many owe their loyalty to him.

Lucius Matheson

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