Marcel Alting

Assistant director of the Malifaux Museum of Natural History


Marcel Alting is a tall, painfully thin man in his mid-forties. He wears glasses, has thinning hair, and slumped shoulders. His manner of dress can be generously called “rumpled,” and he tends to miss bathing after sleeping in his office. His entire appearance is that of an absent-minded and poorly paid professor.


Marcel was educated at Cambridge—something he never lets the people around him forget. He’s not a snob about his education as such, but he clearly can’t stand the idea that people don’t acknowledge his erudition or intelligence. Marcel currently holds the title of assistant director in the Malifaux Museum of Natural History, but he’s effectively in charge of the facility since the actual directorship is little more than a sinecure for one of the city’s Guild-allied elites.

Marcel also balances the budget, curates exhibits, and leads tours. With all of this on his thin shoulders, it’s little wonder that he sleeps in his office most nights. It’s a bit more surprising that he’s had the time to cultivate an affair with one of his curators, Mrs. Jennifer Easton.

Marcel Alting

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