Perdita Ortega

Leader of a clan of demon hunters


Perdita is young to be the leader of a family of Neverborn hunters, but her youthful looks and beauty belie incredible skill. Perdita has long, black hair and a dusky complexion showing her Spanish heritage. She typically dresses like a range rider, with a blousy white shirt, dark jeans, and leather chaps, topped off by a broad-brimmed cowboy hat. She also wears a broad red sash around her waist, below which are her twin gunbelts.


Perdita Ortega came to Malifaux as a teenager along with most of her family, seeking their wealth as hired guns for the Guild. They quickly discovered a family-wide talent for rooting out and killing Neverborn, and they have made their names as demon hunters throughout the dark realm of Malifaux. Perdita has ridden out on dozens of hunts herself, both as a gunhand and as a hunt leader.

When Perdita’s father became incapable of leading the family, her eldest brother Santiago was next in line. Recognizing Perdita’s brilliance and skill, he stepped aside to let her take the reins of the Ortega clan. From their fortress-home, Latigo, the Ortegas undertake the most dangerous missions the Guild has to offer in exchange for wealth, fame, and almost unlimited autonomy.

Perdita Ortega

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