Ping Liao

A massive Chinese man with martial arts skills and mystic powers


PIng Liao is a tall, broadly built Chinese man who leaves his arms bare to show off his tattoos of rank. In public, he generally wears a hooded blue robe and a full skull mask. His head is shaven, like a monk, and he wears the pugil gauntlets common among Gokudo soldiers.


Ping Liao is one of the notorious Monks of High River, a martial sect of assassins. One of his forays into the world brought him into contact with the Gokudo, who initiated him into worship of Yama, the King of Hell. Since then, his power and cruelty have only grown. He is currently the right hand man of Wei Lu, the sorcerer who oversees the Gokudo in Malifaux. Ping Liao is a manifester—a user of magic that comes from within rather than scholarly study—and his powers focus on channeling the essence of lightning.

Ping Liao

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