Viktor Ramos

The esteemed president of the Miners and Steamfitters Union


Viktor Ramos is an older man with white hair swept back into neat points on either side of his face. He is clean-shaven, and rarely seen in public without his brass-lined goggles and silver-headed walking stick. Profess Ramos prefers to dress in a long black coat for public appearances, under which he wears the simple finery of a working-class man of means.


Only once in a generation does a person come along with the intelligence and charisma to enact real change in the world. To the people of the Miners and Steamfitters Union, Professor Viktor Ramos is that man. His rapid rise to the top position in the Union is due to his canny political sense as well as his genuine skill at improving the lives of his workers. Professor Ramos is a tireless advocate for workers’ rights, and he is the genius behind the pumping stations that make mining far safer than it once was.

Professor Ramos has a pneumatic right arm, and it is said that he is a master of magitech skills that allow for the creation and implantation of such devices. The large number of Union miners with pneumatic limbs would seem to indicate some truth to this rumor, though even if it is true, Ramos has enough power that the Guild would be hard-pressed to accuse him of improper magical knowledge.

Viktor Ramos

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