Factions of Malifaux

A great many political, criminal, and even mystical organizations exist within Malifaux. While the most prominent and public of these is the Guild, many threats to their hegemony exist. These factions move their pieces on the board in secret, undermining the Guild and one another for the day when they can finally make their true selves known and seize total power.

Some of these factions have a public face, while others are only known to their members or by whispered rumor. Some work together and some are sworn enemies. Very little can be said about them other than that they all share an ultimate goal. Simply put: everybody wants to rule the world.

The Guild

More properly “the Guild of Mercantilers,” the Guild is the spiritual descendant of the Cabal, the mystical society that tore open the Breach in the first place. After the closure of the First Breach, the world descended into war for decades on end with each nation competing for the dwindling soulstone caches.

By virtue of holding the most soulstones, the Guild became the foremost power on Earth, with nearly every nation beholden to them in one fashion or another. Only the Three Kingdoms retains some degree of true autonomy, and their stubbornness has won them generations of strife and hardship, most recently manifested in the Boxer Rebellion (in which Chinese traditionalists rose up to throw out Guild “advisers” and missionaries) and the Meiji Restoration (in which the Japanese were compelled by force to accept a government more friendly to Western interests).

With the reopening of the Breach, the Guild is more powerful than ever on Earth. Malifaux, despite being the source of their wealth and power, is viewed as a backwater colonial holding. The Guild’s best and brightest stay on Earth in the lap of luxury, while its misfits and ambitious overachievers are assigned to Malifaux to languish far from the seats of power. The heavy push for profit also leaves the Guild perpetually underfunded in its local efforts at law and order, forcing them to rely on mercenaries, poorly trained guardsmen, and ruthless forms of social triage.

The Guild is a merciless organization that regards human lives as a resource and sees itself as the only legitimate source of magic. But the tighter the Guild grips Malifaux, the more it seems to slip through their fingers…

Leaders: Governor-General Ensel Maturin Moreau is the Guild’s master in Malifaux, but he is rarely seen outside the Guild compound. His right hand man, Secretary Lucius Matheson, is much more frequently the voice of authority in the city.

The Miners & Steamfitters Union

Known to its members simply as “the Union,” the M&SU is the major political opponent to total Guild power and authority. A democratically organized faction of common workers and skilled engineers, position in the Union is determined entirely by talent, skill, and popularity, the latter of which can be traditionally measured by how much one devotes one’s life to the Union.

The Union was the result of a push by miners to collectively demand better working conditions from the Guild. Despite several bloody clashes after a series of strikes, the Union eventually won enough concessions to make the lives of its miner somewhat safer and less oppressive. The inclusion of the Steamfitters Collective and several brilliant independent engineers into their organization gave birth to the modern M&SU.

The Union works tirelessly for the good of the common man, though some rumors—almost certainly planted by the Guild to undermine the organization—put them in league with organized crime or even Arcanist terrorists. If some Union members have been caught doing less-than-legal things, it is only because the Union makes no proscription about what its members do with their own time.

Leaders: Dr. Viktor Ramos is the elected president of the Miners and Steamfitters Union, as well as one of its most brilliant engineers. He is rarely seen in public without his personal assistant, a powerfully built man named Joss. The Three Kingdoms members of the Union often rely on a woman named Mei Feng to be their voice to the Union as a whole, so she is one of the more prominent Eastern members of the organization.


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The Freikorps

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