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Just over a century ago, humanity discovered a portal to another world, a dark parallel Earth under an alien sun and twin demon moons. This world was desolate and ruined but filled with valuable resources, and a mad rush for wealth ensued. The people of Earth called this “false world” Malifaux.

After only ten years, the portal slammed shut. The last thing to come through was a mutilated corpse with a word carved into its chest: “Ours.” The people of Earth, deprived of Malifaux’s resources, turned to war with one another. At the end, the massive international conglomerate called the Guild stood above all others, and almost every political leader on Earth had a Guild “adviser” to help with national policies.

One hundred years to the day after it closed, the Breach opened once again.

No trace of the first wave of settlers was ever found, though many of the buildings they had constructed or refurbished for their own use remained. The great city on the other side of the Breach—also called Malifaux—was empty. This time, the Guild controlled the settlement and expansion of humanity into Malifaux. The Guild’s iron grip squeezes the lifeblood out of the people who come to Malifaux looking for a better life, only to find desolation and poverty.

Five years have passed since the reopening of the Breach. You are a traveler who has come to Malifaux for reasons of your own. Perhaps you are seeking wealth, or arcane power, or just a second chance and a new start. Whatever your reasons, you will soon come to find that Malifaux is a place where bad things happen. Malifaux needs champions, people who will seek their destiny beneath its demon moons.

Welcome to Malifaux: Through the Breach. Hope you survive the experience.

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