Antonio Verdane

An unethical magical scientist seeking the truth about the Neverborn


Antonio Verdane is a stylish man of Italian descent who keeps his black hair shaven on the sides of his head and wears a modern, fashionable suit. He wears black gloves at almost all times in order to keep his hands clean while performing his experiments.


When he was thrown out of Oxford College for conducting unethical experiments, Antonio Verdane decided to seek his fortunes in Malifaux. Shortly after coming to Malifaux, he witnessed one of his fellow Arcanists get splashed with the black blood of a Nephilim. The blood burned his companion’s flesh like acid, but more interestingly, it also began to slowly transform her into a Nephilim herself.

After she ran off to join the Nephilim, Verdane realized that the black blood was a form of blood-borne disease that gradually warped the bodies and minds of those it touched. Realizing what a powerful weapon such a substance could be for the Arcanists, he began researching its effects upon humans in earnest. Verdane is a callous man who believes that “worthless” lives should be gladly sacrificed for the betterment of humanity as a whole, and the Arcanists in particular.

In the end, Dr. Verdane turned out to be one of those “worthless” lives he so despised, bleeding out in a dirty basement laboratory and his brain eaten by Lilith Bradbury.

Antonio Verdane

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