Boss Shinoda

Owner of an illegal mahjongg parlor


Boss Shinoda is a middle-aged man with a slight paunch, the result of too many years of good sake and having other people do the heavy lifting for him. His arms and chest are covered in yakuza tattoos, and he is missing the tip of his left hand’s pinky finger.


Keiichi Shinoda was born before the Guild opened Japan’s ports to the world. He comes from a family of gangsters—yakuza—going back four generations. He was sent to Malifaux under the pretense of picking up a job running a laundry, but his establishment is a fairly open front for illegal gambling, drugs, and prostitution.

“Boss” Shinoda runs a sloppy outfit, which is why he isn’t higher up the yakuza ladder than he is. His loyalty is unquestionable, however, so he gets to keep his “middle management” position as long as he toes the line and doesn’t do anything too sloppy. Shinoda is unhappy about the recent word from his oyabun that the Gokudo aren’t to be harassed or hampered in any way.

Boss Shinoda

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