Elizabeth Irving

A failed actress turned orphanage matron--turned criminal


Elizabeth Irving is a woman in her late twenties, though she looks five or even ten years older. Her once-lustrous black hair has become dull, and she rarely bothers to put on makeup anymore. Her overall appearance is one of tarnished, fading beauty. Up close, she smells strongly of wintermint and alcohol.


Elizabeth Irving came to Malifaux from London with dreams of becoming a great performer on humanity’s new frontier. Her audition at the Star Theater resulted in a less than kind rejection, and the years since then have been equally cruel. A series of poor life choices and bad luck have left her bitter about the way her life has turned out.

After her misdeeds were discovered by a group of Fated helping Hazel Green, Miss Irving was arrested and remanded to Guild custody, where she quickly confessed her crimes. She was subsequently sentence to death by firing squad, then burial in the city cemetery.

Elizabeth Irving

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