Hazel Green

A street smart orphan


Hazel is a ten-year-old girl with red hair and freckles. She dresses in oversized, worn clothes and seems perpetually dirty and hungry. Her face is young, but her eyes are far older.


Hazel’s father died in the mines not long after her family moved to Malifaux, and her mother was killed by the Redchapel Killer over a year ago. She was sent to the Dogsend Children’s Workhouse to await adoption or adulthood and has turned into a hard-bitten street kid. She has something of a conscience, unlike many street children, and she’s bound to get in trouble because of it.

After trying to pick the pocket of Jasper Dahl, Hazel wound up spilling her recent woes to him. Children had been going missing from her orphanage for months, which interested Jasper’s group of concerned citizens. They wound up finding that the children were being sold to an unethical Arcanist and even rescued Hazel’s friend Tommy, though it was too late for the rest.

Currently, Hazel works as an assistant and dress model for Dahl’s Dolls in lower Downtown.

Hazel Green

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