Tommy Lampers

A traumatized child who narrowly escaped death


Tommy Lampers is a boy of about nine or ten years, with slightly too-long brown hair and large, hurt eyes. He has the demeanor of a kicked dog, quiet and downcast. His clothes are too big for his small frame and his expressions waver between sullen and confused.


Tommy came to the Dogsend Children’s Workhouse as a small child, his parents killed in a train accident in the badlands on their way to the contract town where they would begin their new lives. Tommy barely survived, and was sent to an orphanage where he has spent the last three years waiting for adoption.

The matron of the orphanage, Miss Elizabeth Irving, had developed an addiction to gambling and the street drug called Brilliance which led her to begin selling children to an unethical arcanist named Antonio Verdane. Tommy was the last of the children to be sold into slavery, and he spent almost a week in a cage, starving and terrified, before he was rescued by a small group of concerned citizens.

Currently, Tommy works as an assistant and model for Dahl’s Dolls in lower Downtown, alongside his friend Hazel Green.

Tommy Lampers

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