Wei Lu

An elderly Chinese sorcerer and leader of the Gokudo


Wei Lu is an ancient and wizened man, his hair gray with age and his long mustache and wispy beard in the style of the ancient Manchu. He wears a midnight-blue robe that trails the ground, and he keeps his fingernails long and filed sharp. Though his eyes are rheumy with age, he sees just as well—if not better—than most of his subordinates.


Wei Lu is nearly a century old, though he preserves some of his vitality and strength through black magic. He sees the sun setting on the glories of the Qing Dynasty and seeks the resurrection of ancient heroes of the empire to combat the growing power of the West, as directed by his teacher, the immortal sorcerer Yan Lo.

Wei Lu is the most recent master of the death cult known as the Lin Kuei (or Gokudo to the Japanese), and is a devout worshiper of Yama, the King of Hell. His powers of necromancy have grown significantly in Malifaux, and he believes that the secrets to true immortality may be within his grasp.

Wei Lu

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