Xun Jiang

A peasant girl from rural China looking for a new life in Malifaux


Xun Jiang has a common, if slightly more attractive than average, appearance. She has the broad, tanned features common to people from southern China, and she dresses simply. Almost all of her worldly possessions fit into a single small suitcase, and her only nod to vanity is the thin red ribbons she wears in her hair.


Xun Jiang is a shy peasant girl from the Yunnan Province of China. Her native dialect is Yue, but she speaks passable Mandarin and very broken English. After her family lost their farm in the Boxer Rebellion, they moved to the city to look for work—along with tens of thousands of other refugees. Afraid that her family would send her to a brothel, Xun sent letters to many relatives to ask for work of any kind. A distant cousin she didn’t remember sent her a letter informing her that there was work waiting for her in Malifaux, a position as a factory foreman, and included tickets for sea and rail passage.

It turned out that the letter was a trap laid by the Gokudo death cult who had identified her as the latest reincarnation of an ancient Chinese warrior, Kotaro Shu. With the help of a group of Fated, Xun avoided having her soul torn out and returned to Shu’s original body, rejecting the power and darkness offered by the Gokudo in exchange for a peaceful life.

Currently, Xun is working as a shopgirl at Dahl’s Dolls in downtown Malifaux.

Xun Jiang

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